Fincorp Capital is a global investment management firm specialising in emerging markets providing discretionary and managing bespoke investment portfolios for private clients, trusts, institutions, pension funds and government and their professional advisers.

Solid return record of our firm and professionals and reputation for business integrity, research excellence, and devotion to our investment philosophy has led to significant growth in the business of our firm and professionals.

Our Mission

  • To be recognized as a premier global emerging market investment manager
  • To deliver “best in class” client service
  • To create a culture that enables us to attract and retain the best people and clients.
  • We have a long-term vision of being the preferred provider of specialist alternative investment management solutions in emerging markets
  • To create a sustainable, well-diversified investment management business that serves our customers well, is profitable and contributes to society

Our Culture

We are proud of the culture we have built:

  • We are one team: investment research, client service, and administration. Working together makes each aspect of the firm stronger.
  • We share a passion for excellence. From the beginning our goal of investment excellence has driven every decision we make.
  • We seek partners rather than employees. Everyone in our firm, in every role, is eligible to be a partner. Our retention levels, our shared sense of purpose with our clients, and our team focus are enhanced by our culture of ownership.


  • Our strategy is deeply rooted in meticulous research, as well as the formidable collective, and individual, experience of our people.
  • Our strategic actions are always based on qualified research. As well as keenly analysing the wider economic forecasts and trends in the markets, we closely monitor on-the-ground information coming from our managers and their local networks.
  • All of this confirms one essential truth; our business strategy is built around skilled investment selection, and that investments is always of the highest quality. Our portfolios tell the story: high-caliber mixed investments which is the characteristic that underpins our decisions

Fincorp Capital believes the growth underway in emerging market economies and, more importantly, in the major themes resulting from favourable demographics – an emerging middle class, expanding domestic consumption, increasing urbanization, natural resources and infrastructure needs – can only be fully captured by a multi-asset class approach that deploys capital in both private and public investment strategies.

Fincorp Capital believes that a value orientation and diversification across asset classes, market sectors, and underlying investment strategies is critical for successfully investing in emerging markets and provides downside protection. Fincorp Capital and their professionals have deep local knowledge from on-the-ground presence and extensive local networks, which is the key to investment success in emerging markets.