About Us

Fincorp Capital’’s goal is to grow and protect its clients’ capital over the long term by building diversified portfolio that can generate positive, risk adjusted returns while exhibiting low volatility.


Specifically, Fincorp Capital offers the following:

  • A diversified portfolio, constructed with investments that reach into different and unique sources of return.
  • High quality of returns without use of leverage. Consider the potential for gains and the risk for losses as a comprehensive decision.
  • Rigorous in-house due diligence on each investment and meticulous portfolio construction process.
  • Continuous monitoring of managers to focus on adherence to stated investment strategy and philosophy and compliance with stated volatility, leverage, liquidity and reporting parameters.
  • Investment vehicles for clients that suit their needs in terms of amount, timing and cost.

Fincorp Capital is trusted by large, sophisticated institutional investors to build innovative products that meet their expectations of incremental alpha generation, with an intense focus on downside risk protection.

This matters because in a world where the uncertainty of investment returns is a certainty, we consistently preserve and enhance the capital that our investors entrust to us.

We are an independently managed investment company. As a company, we are self-directed, innovative in our approach, and able to take a long-term view. Our investment philosophy is equally liberated. We build global, stock-driven portfolios based on fundamental research and focused on our core areas of investment expertise.