Investment Philosophy

Fincorp Capital aims to meet the challenges of a dynamic market environment, while providing returns for our clients. We are able to do this by utilising an investment framework harnessing the skills of our dedicated research team and those of our experienced investment managers.

Fincorp Capital believes in the rigors of an endowment investment approach practiced by highly experienced professionals. Underlying this approach is a core investment philosophy where capital preservation is a fundamental goal. The endowment approach is opportunistic and recognizes that diversification across asset classes is a significant contributor to overall return. It is an approach that embraces a value orientation, and an appreciation for the liquidity premium with flexible capital allocation, along with a constant focus on downside risk.

Investment managers become increasingly categorised as ‘value’, ‘growth’ or ‘alternative’, Fincorp Capital believe the best results come from a mix of styles adapted to the market cycle.

Fincorp Capital investment approach is one that always aims to:

  • Identify future trends – and give due emphasis within portfolios based on forward-looking views.
  • Mix long-term and shorter-term investment strategies – focusing on both long-term returns expected from asset classes and active shorter-term tactical asset allocation decisions.
  • Have investment committees involving investment managers and research analysts – we believe this approach results in the high quality outputs which investment managers can draw on to identify the most appropriate investment strategy for each individual client.

At Fincorp Capital, our expertise is in investments, but our focus has always been on understanding the big picture so we can provide true solutions in today’s world. This focus on solutions rather than products has allowed us to build strong, long-standing relationships with clients and partners – relationships that are founded on trust and deepened through the experience of reaching goals together

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